If you liked NEST…

Then we think you’ll love The Hamlet.

Same people, same apartments, same place. It’s everything else that’s changed.

When Christoph and I started NEST ten years ago, it was our family home.

In many ways it still is. But what was once just one apartment is now sixteen, all of them a little different but all of them as elegant and comfortable as the original.

That’s one reason we’ve changed the name. The other reason takes a bit of explaining but bear with us because we think you’ll approve.

We’ve given over the first floor of this lovely 18th-century townhouse to what we’re calling the Square. Think of it as a kind of members’ club for residents – a handful of shared spaces where you’ll find most of life’s necessities and quite a few of its little luxuries, too.

First of all there’s the Library, the perfect place to settle down with a coffee and a newspaper or set up your workspace for the morning. You can even book it for business meetings or small get-togethers if you like.

Then there’s the Gallery, which is all about taking care of yourself. Join our weekly meditation session, start your day with a yoga class or sign up for some Pilates when you get home in the evening. And if you want to book a private session or a massage, just let us know and we’ll arrange it.

Finally there’s the Epicerie, for when you’ve been so busy working or exploring the city that you haven’t even thought about what’s in the ‘fridge. You’ll find a simple but delicious range of local products to eat on the move or to cook at home. 

All this has given the place a happily collegiate air. You’ll find yourself in the good company of like-minded people when you want to be, but you still keep yourself to yourself as much as you like.

Which is why we settled on the name ‘The Hamlet’. Bigger than a nest, more cosmopolitan than a village, but with a discernable sense of community.

We hope you’ll come and stay.

Tara & Christoph

We have some exciting news to share with you:

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