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Our story

Before Tara and I met, we were two young professionals moving between cities– Vienna, Bangkok, Shanghai, Bologna. It was an exciting time, but the transitions were difficult.


It would often be a while before we knew where to go, what to do, and had a comfortable place to stay. After starting over so many times, we searched for a way to collapse the chore of relocating into a more effortless process. We wished we had local friends in each new city to welcome us, give us the lay of the land, and in a dream scenario, lend us their extra home.


So after Tara and I met in Geneva and fell in love with it, we thought maybe we could make our wish a reality for those transitioning through here. We set out to create a place in Geneva that felt akin to having a friend here, with an extra home. So in 2009, the Hamlet was born.



Luxury can be personal, and it should be.

To us, ‘luxury’ has always been synonymous with the act of paying special attention. Our team is here to help you get acquainted and settled in. From special requests to reservations, each stay is tailored-made.


This principle is what the Hamlet in Old Town, our first house, was built upon. In the coming years, we hope to open more locations around major cities, founded upon this same principle. With houses set to open in Geneva and Milan in the coming years, this dream does not feel so distant. So for those curious travelers who seek authenticity and comfort, we look forward to sharing our unique take on boutique hospitality.