If you liked NEST…

…then we think you’ll love the Hamlet


Same people, same apartments, same place. It’s everything else that’s changed.


When Christoph and I started Nest 10 years ago, it consisted of one family home, one nest.


Today, we have 16 of these homes, all of them different, but all as elegant and comfortable as the original.


We are also very proud to have opened a collection of shared spaces on the first floor – a library, a gallery, a kitchen pantry, and even an épicerie.  A kind of member’s club for residents, guests will be able to find most of life’s necessities, and quite a few of its luxuries, too.


All this has given this lovingly restored townhouse a happily collegiate air.  You’ll find yourself in the good company of like-minded people when you want to be, but you can still keep to yourself as much as you like.


Which is why we are settled on the name the Hamlet:


Bigger than a nest, more cosmopolitan than a village, but with a discernible sense of community


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We hope to welcome you soon


Tara & Christoph

We have some exciting news to share with you:

It starts with a new name, but includes much much more…