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L’Auberge de Lucinges

Since last year, just 30 minutes from Geneva, one of the most exquisite gastronomic discoveries has emerged, widely regarded by many connoisseurs as the best restaurant in the entire region. Behind this marvel is Benjamin Breton, a young culinary prodigy well-known among the Geneva foodies, as he played a key role in the launch of the trendy Fiskebar at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix, quickly earning a Michelin star. His new establishment is divided into L’Auberge de Lucinges (gastronomic) and Le Bistrot de Madeleine (bistronomic). Benjamin Breton’s cuisine is described as “gastro-ethical” and sustainable, placing a strong emphasis on local products. The gastronomic menu (priced at 95 euros) consists of 7 courses, offering enthusiasts a timeless culinary experience.

author: Christina Ferrari date: 04.03.2024